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Actor Kevin Costner revealed the true reason behind his departure from the hit series Yellowstone in 2023, citing prolonged uncertainties.

Kevin Costner Quits Yellowstone


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Costner played the role of John Dutton, a Montana landowner, in the American drama created by Taylor Sheridan.

Character Portrayal


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Costner's decision to leave the show prematurely hinted at its potential conclusion, disappointing creator Taylor Sheridan.

Premature End of Yellowstone


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Reports suggested a rift between Costner and Sheridan due to scheduling conflicts linked to Costner's Western project, Horizon – An American Saga.

Conflict Rumors


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Kevin Costner disputed these claims and clarified his decision to leave Yellowstone was due to repeated production delays.

Costner's Clarification


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Costner expressed frustration over significant production delays that affected his availability for other projects.

Reason for Departure


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The actor stated his desire to work more frequently than the intermittent schedule of Yellowstone allowed.

Desire for More Work



Despite his departure, Costner expressed openness to returning to Yellowstone under favorable conditions in the future.

Openness to Return



Costner emphasized his support and attachment to the series, highlighting its importance to him personally and professionally.

Support for Yellowstone


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Costner mentioned his commitment to his passion project, Horizon – An American Saga, which he managed alongside Yellowstone's schedule.

Horizon Project