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Ariana Grande addressed a viral video where her voice drastically changed, attributing it to intentional vocal shifts for two years and vocal health concerns.

Ariana Grande Addresses Viral Video of Vocal Change


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The video, posted on TikTok, gained over 5 million views, prompting Grande to explain her vocal changes on social media.

TikTok Video Goes Viral, Prompting Grande's Response


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Grande's recent album "Eternal Sunshine" unexpectedly emerged during Hollywood strikes, inspired by sessions with Max Martin.

Unexpected Release of "Eternal Sunshine" Album Amid Hollywood Strikes


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Despite initial plans to delay new music until after her role in "Wicked," Grande found herself immersed in creative flow, releasing multiple singles.

Creative Flow Leads Grande to Release New Music Despite Plans


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Grande's role in "Wicked" opposite Cynthia Erivo involves significant vocal demands, influencing her voice's frequent adjustments.

Vocal Demands of "Wicked" Role Influence Grande's Voice


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The film adaptation of "Wicked," directed by Jon M. Chu, is set to release in two parts, with Grande portraying Glinda.

Grande Cast as Glinda in Jon M. Chu's "Wicked" Film


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At the 2024 Academy Awards, fans noticed Grande's higher-pitched voice, possibly influenced by her preparation for the musical role.

Fans Notice Vocal Changes at 2024 Academy Awards



Grande's explanation on TikTok emphasized habitual vocal adjustments based on her singing workload and personal vocal techniques.

Grande Explains Vocal Adjustments on TikTok


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The second half of Grande's "Podcrushed" podcast episode, hosted by Penn Badgley, featured the discussion where her voice change occurred.

Grande Discusses Vocal Changes on "Podcrushed" Podcast



Grande's decision to release new music aligned with her creative instincts, leading to the spontaneous creation of her latest album.

Creation of Grande's Latest Album